1966 Automatic Omega

IMG_2555.JPGI have always wanted a birth year watch — a timepiece that was manufactured around the same time as me. I also turned 50 this year, and a lot of horophiles in my age demographic wanted to know if I was going to get a milestone watch  (aka something big and expensive) to celebrate.

Last summer, I spotted this square, stainless steel self-winding Omega in a shop in Parkdale. I did a little research and from the serial numbers discussion discovered that it is from 1966. Unfortunately, I was stone cold broke and couldn’t afford it. Plus, I consider my Glashütte Original Seventies my milestone watch.

Flash forward a few months. I’m I’m the same shop. I still can’t really afford it, but I can’t resist it either. Plus my birthday is in February. If i don’t act soon, I’ll miss the opportunity to play the milestone card.

So I bought it!