blog love ringTwo funny stories.

First, to treat myself after my Sid Lee gig, I set out acquire a few unicorn pieces. Things that I could never find thrifting nor could I afford to buy. One of them was the Robert Indiana for Ultima II Love Ring. I got a decent deal on eBay, but it was still over my usual budget of $36.

Then, last weekend, I found another one at the Value Village for $5. It doesn’t have the box and papers that the one I bought online does, but I could not resist. So now I have two.

blog beanI was also on the hunt to replace my Elsa Peretti for Halston bean necklace (I sold my old one when I was broke). I had just placed a bid on one on eBay when I found one at the St. Lawrence Antique Market. The cost at the market was the same as my bid, but of course without the shipping fees. And then the dealer knocked $10 off the price (I didn’t even ask him).

It was a good thing I picked it up because I ended up losing the auction.

Fun fact: both of these beauties were originally made for cosmetics companies.