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Weekday Update: Rearview Mirror Edition II

Everybody is weighing in with their “Decade in Review” lists. I, too, am making a list. A list of the top five fashion related Naughty Aughties lists and whatnot, starting with: 5. Meg… Continue reading

The Fall and Rise of Dennis’ House of Vintage

Do you remember Dennis’ House of Vintage? It was that cool shop at Queen & Portland with an very nice collection of high-end vintage clothing. You know, stuff like Pierre Balmain shirt dresses,… Continue reading

Blankety Goodness

I’m devastated that I wasn’t invited to the preview for The Bay‘s Blanket Statement, a collection of coats made from HBC Point Blankets and designed by folks like Comrags, Klaxon Howl, Smythe and… Continue reading

Rainy Days

If it’s gonna be rainy outside, you should have a pretty umbrella, such as this 1960s-era ombre number with a bamboo body and lucite handle that I found at the Value Village on… Continue reading

Speaking of Anna Wintour

Went to see The September Issue with Jessica on Friday. I couldn’t take my eyes off Anna Wintour’s stunning necklaces. Basically she wears three collet-set, graduated rivière necklaces throughout the movie – one… Continue reading

Halloween Pt. VI: Skeleton Gloves

If you are an accessories designer and you want to give me a present, make me two pairs of supple black leather gloves — opera- and wrist-length — with fairly accurate representations of… Continue reading

Ten Years Later

As some of you know, I used to work at the late, great Images — a magazine that was a gift with purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart, sort of like Glow is now.… Continue reading

How Will Future Generations Remember the 2000s?

Ah, long weekends. At some point you get bored and your start to ask yourself strange rhetorical questions, such as: What would I look like with Johnny Rotten‘s hair? Should I sell all… Continue reading

Window Shopping: Life is A Cabaret

Some sunny gowns for a rainy day: Here’s a picture of the window display at Cabaret — one of my favourite neighbourhood boutiques.

Interview With A Designer: Antik Batik’s Gabriella Cortese

The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off yesterday, as did New York Fashion Week. It seems appropriate that I had a chance to Gabriella Cortese, the designer of the Paris-based label Antik Batik,… Continue reading

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