Stuff I Did Last Week

Toronto Etsy Meetup June 15 2012

Had a full social calender last week. First off, Mr. Andrew and myself performed as Dick Wolfs at Sketch Com-Aggeddon on Wednesday. Thursday was my thrift hunt expedition. Friday, I went with Jessica to represent Covet Garden at the Toronto Etsy meet and greet in honour of their new Canadian Community manager. It was useful and informative and the space was prettily decorated (see below) and filled with tasty snacks. But it was hot as Hades in there. I had to buy a change of clothing on my way back to the Comedy Bar to see Mr. Andrew perform with Shoeless.

Etsy Meet up La Krause Milliner

We met some cool craftspeople, including milliner Lori-Anne Krausewitz of La Krause, shown here modelling one of her gorgeous chapeaux.

Hats at Gadabout storage sale

Vintage Band Boxes
Speaking of hats, on Sunday I met up with my friend and fellow vintage aficianado Becky to check out the Gadabout storage sale. There were some very cool, very vintage pieces like the 1940s hats and hat boxes pictured above and the shabby but still spectacular Victorian topper pictured below.
Victorian LAdies' Jacket

Vintage purple dress

I’m a little sad that I couldn’t fit into the 1970s or ’80s era purple dress pictured above. I took a picture of it as part of my “catch and release” approach to thrifting. I wonder if and how I can recreate it.
Justin's tattoo

And finally, my nephew Justin was in town for the the 14th Annual Northern Ink Xposure Tattoo Show. He was an arm model. That’s his new ink pictured above. We also went to see Flaming Lips at NXNE. It was a balloon-a-palooza!

Flaming Lips at NXNE June 16 2012