Escape to New York

New Jersey Railway train interior

Went to New York City for a brief sojourn on Monday and Tuesday. Here are some snapshots from my wanderings. Above, on my way into the city from Newark International Airport. Below, a typical NYC street scene in front of the Flatiron Buidling (I used to work at Front and Church, and I feel I deserve the right to take some touristy photos of a Flatiron Building after having spent years enduring the out-of-towners posing for pictures in front of Toronto’s version).

Fuller Flatiron building Manahattan

I mostly just ambled around in between meeting up with friends. On Monday, I got caught in a sudden downpour and was forced to buy a change of clothing as I had only packed enough for two days. Fortunately, everybody was having summer sales so I picked up these coral capris ($15) and polka dot tunic top ($4) at Old Navy (where I also got a retro red polka dot bathing suit and an endless scarf as a present for my mom). The ikat cami was a $9 find at the Gap. Not pictured, a lime green umbrella by Totes. I was already totally soaked when I bought the bumbershoot but I still jumped into a Ricky’s, laid down $12, then walked out to a dry and suddenly sunny day.

Bargains from Old Navy and THe Gap

I feel sort of bad for going to Manhattan and buying clothes I can get here, but they do have a better selection of sizes in the states for an ample gal like me. Plus, I smelled like a wet dog. And speaking of dogs, look at little Elliot here. I was staying with my friend Gary, and made my way to his apartment to change into dry garments and pal around with the pooch.

Later, Gary and I met up with our friend Chris and we went to Café Habana as I had a hankering for corn on the cob and they have the most delicious version I’ve ever had. So delicious that I stole this pen. It now hangs out with my promotional Co-Op Cabs Bic.

Co-Op Cabs and Café Habana Bic Pens

The next day, I walked to midtown, where I was meeting up with my friend Nancy. She is currently working at 2 Park, which has the most beautiful mosaic tail ceiling over it’s art deco entrance.

Ceiling mosaic at 2 Park Avenue New York

Nancy took me out for a fancy lunch at Artisanal Bistro, which was delicious. It’s a good thing I didn’t stop at this food truck on the way (I was sorely tempted though).

Kimchi Taco truck, New York

All in all it was a cheap trip, and walking around people watching gave me some great ideas on how I could reinvent my existing wardrobe by pairing clothes already in my closet in different ways. Today I’m wearing the coral capris with an oatmeal pullover that’s been sitting neglected in a drawer for months.