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So Long Shinola

That’s a wrap

More Art, More Etsy

Again, it was a pretty spectacular month for art finds. In fact, there have been so many fine finds that I have decided that I need to pare down and focus the collections.… Continue reading

Goodbye Goodwill?

I was saddened to hear that Goodwill has, effective immediately, closed 18 of its Ontario stores. My thrift shopping skills were honed when I spent a few months working near the old Richmond… Continue reading

Joan Rivers, 1933 – 2014

Fashionable and funny

The Gracious, Good Media Empire

Some other things that I do.

The Goodwill Is Closing

The downtown Goodwill is closing. Long live the Goodwill.

Blue Gold

Gold Fever Has Broken

More Bragging: Last-Minute Holiday Tips in the Toronto Star

I wrote a series of articles for the Toronto Star in which I interviewed local design luminaries Arren Williams, Samantha Pynn, Suzanne Dimma, Lynda Felton and Amy Lu about their holiday entertaining, gift… Continue reading

I Am the Queen of All Media!

Morning announcements! Just wanted to let everybody know about my tremendous online presence. Please visit my Tumblr, Old Jewels, where I work on my photography skills. Or peruse my Pinterest boards to see… Continue reading

I Opened An Esty Shop

Emboldened by my Junction Flea experiences, I have opened a Gracious, Good Etsy Shop. This month’s theme is Rocktoberfest and I’m selling all German made goods. Check it out. Buy something.

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