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Christmas Vacation

R.I.P. Pierre Cardin

Out of this world

How To Succeed In Business

Making it

How To Mask

It is now mandatory to wear a mask indoors in Toronto. This is good, because since last March, when things started to shut down, people were haphazard about wearing masks because not all… Continue reading

So Long Shinola

That’s a wrap

More Art, More Etsy

Again, it was a pretty spectacular month for art finds. In fact, there have been so many fine finds that I have decided that I need to pare down and focus the collections.… Continue reading

Goodbye Goodwill?

I was saddened to hear that Goodwill has, effective immediately, closed 18 of its Ontario stores. My thrift shopping skills were honed when I spent a few months working near the old Richmond… Continue reading

Joan Rivers, 1933 – 2014

Fashionable and funny

The Gracious, Good Media Empire

Some other things that I do.

The Goodwill Is Closing

The downtown Goodwill is closing. Long live the Goodwill.

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