How To Succeed In Business


Seriously. This is a legit question. How do you succeed in business. I mean, I’m doing okay with writing and selling vintage jewellery as a side hustle during these pandemic times. And I’m also enjoying living a slower paced lifestyle now that we’re staying in more. It gives me the time to be more creative. The trouble is, what am I supposed to do with all the art/jewellery/clothing that I’m making?

I’ve decided to create an Instagram account called @some_bazaar as an online art gallery/church bazaar to showcase/sell my pandemic projects. I’m also listing some of my jewellery creations in the Gracious, Good Etsy shop. I’ve basically just started posting things today, but here are a few examples of wearable art. Okay, the beaded star medallion isn’t mine but it looks good with the beaded vampire lips pendant.

In the meantime, please visit, follow and share. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find a piece of affordable and original art that calls out to you!