My Spidey Sense

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes I have an uncanny ability to find certain things. For example, the time I woke up thinking “I wish I had a star sapphire.” And… Continue reading

My Favorite Look From the Golden Globes

The best bauble from last Sunday’s Golden Globe’s was the 1970s gold and diamond cuff from Fred Leighton that Clare Danes wore with her salmon pink Calvin Klein dress. I have never been… Continue reading

Sketchtorialist: How to Wear 1990s Vintage Clothing

I found these drawings I did of early ’90s era Bill Blass (left) and Krizia (right) print dresses I found whilst out thrifting. I was sketching them out trying to find a way… Continue reading

Do Over: Sterling and Bloodstone Bezel Ring

Bloodstone or heliotrope is cool. My dad used to wear a bloodstone ring all the time. And I had a single bloodstone earring that belonged to my Aunt Nancy. When I took a… Continue reading

Trading Up

Today I went to the St. Lawrence Market to do an experiment: I wanted to trade a bunch of my surplus stuff for one really good thing. So I took in a handful… Continue reading

The Cape: Vintage Burberry’s

Here is the Burberry‘s cape I found at the Value Village last Thursday. Even though it is not very heavy it keeps me toasty warm. I think the heat retention system must work… Continue reading

Red Rover Come Over

I’ve been needing a little shot of colour to cheer up these grey, wintery days. I’ve also been feeling a little nostalgic for late ’80s/early ’90s style things like matte red M.A.C. Viva… Continue reading

Fashion Show Ephemera

At fashion shows — at least in the first three or four rows — the designers usually leave little gifts for the press, buyers and celebrities lucky enough to snag said seats. Normally… Continue reading

Bag Productions Week: Seal Skin Purse

My grandmother’s family were sealers. When she was a young girl, she worked as a cook on the sealing ships. She always told me that my duck-shaped feet were perfect for running across… Continue reading

Bag Productions Week: Designer Bags

Here are some high-end, name brand bags that I have owned at some point or another. They were all thrift shop finds and were basically disintegrating because leather dries out and become brittle… Continue reading

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