Gracious, Good’s Rules of Jewels

Victorian ring and Rhinestone Fish Ring

I’ve been working on a little Vintage Jewellery zine, which I hope to have ready in time for the February Junction Flea. One of my biggest tips is to remove your jewels before you go to sleep at night. There are one hundred reasons why this is a good idea, but on Monday I discovered the 101th argument for this rule: It’s not great for you skin. You know how when you wear a Band-Aid and your skin is all puffy and puckered underneath if you leave it on too long? Well that’s what happened when I fell asleep with the cigar band sized ring pictured above on. And after I took the ring off, my flesh was still kinda chapped. Skin needs to breathe, folks.

This post is also an excuse to show you a picture of the enormous rhinestone fish ring I found at the Value Village a week or so ago. It’s from Aldo and it’s not old but it‘s an enormous fish!