Playing With Time

Another drive by post about the art on display at SIHH. This time I wanted to two things from Hermès. First off is this installation by Dutch artist Levi van Veluw. It is a… Continue reading

Enchantment Under the Sea

I’m in Geneva for SIHH and between looking at watches and writing and filing stories I don’t have much time to blog. So here’s a few snaps of some artwork by Damien Hirst… Continue reading

Lion Share

Feline fine!

Collections Week: Shades

Heart of sunglass

Collections Week: Vignettes

Scenes from a snow day.

Collections Week: Fancy Lady Watches

Still In hibernation mode. Going a little stir crazy. So I spent an afternoon taking pictures of my vintage ladies watches collections. Well technically the Omega is a man’s watch. And most are… Continue reading


Stacks of stuff

Lucky in Las Vegas

Souvenir success!

Happy New Year!

Bonne Année!

Thank You Notes

Write Might

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