I Love Enamel

Glass on brass (not really but it rhymes)

Maintenance Week

I had taken a break from beauty business for the last  and a half. No hair cuts or colouring, no manis nor pedis. Sure sometimes I applied some makeup or lipstick, but I… Continue reading

Five Dollar Haul

Cabinet of Curiosities

After A Fashion

Come sale away

Craft Room

JA constant conflict in my life is wanting to be a good environmentalist and to put the brakes on rampant acquisitional capitalism AND wanting to have all the things. (I also do not… Continue reading

Why I Blog

In pieces

Voodoo Ray

Rays are the new bats.

Wish List

My birthday is coming up

2018 Year View Mirror: Fine Vintages

Making me tick

2018 Year View Mirror: New Watches

I’m a vintage girl at heart and I love the thrill of hunting for retro watches. But I had been pining for a Nomos Glashütte timepiece for some time now. Especially after I… Continue reading

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