Frugal Fails: Watch Edition

Too much time on my hands

Frugal Fails: Jewelry Edition

Not supposed to buy stuff this month but I did. Here is my confession. I bought the Julie Moon ceramic pendant at the Narwhal/Magic Pony storage locker destash sale. Who could pass up this… Continue reading


We’ve reached the half-way point of Frugal February. One of the unexpected fringe benefits of not shopping is that I have more time to take on projects that I have been procrastinating about.… Continue reading

Repair Work



Pucker Up!


Timepiece ephemera

Where Are We Going?

A Wardrobe Reckonin

Munchie Merch

Do Fries Go With That Shake?

Art! Art! Art!


KAWS and Effect

Snoop Doggy Dog

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