Do Over: Sterling and Amethyst Ring

What happened was that I had this Elsa Peretti Open Heart knock off ring. The heart was set on pivots so it would flip over, but it kept coming off. One day, on… Continue reading

Coral Is The New Jade

Seriously, coral (the shade) is a huge spring beauty trend. And Spring is so near, I can smell it in the air. Another portent that coral times are close at hand: I found… Continue reading

Collection Week: Omega Watches

I have a lot of Omegas. Technically the big Dynamic is Andrew’s. I bought the ladies Dynamic NOS from a now defunct jewellery store on Dundas. The little plain watch was my beater… Continue reading

Collections Week: I Like Iolite

Two probably doesn’t count as a collection, but I’m keen to share my latest gemmological theory. See, I’ve had the pendant above for a long, long time. And before I bought it, I’d… Continue reading

Collection Week: Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelets

When I’m feeling Frida Kalho, I like to wear all three of these circa ’40s Mexican Silver Bracelets. At least two of them (left and centre) are from the Taxco area of Mexico.

Collection Week: Ketty Dalsgaard for Buch + Diechmann Denmark

Here is a collection that neither exploits animals or humans who have to mine for precious minerals or gemstones. It’s a bunch of nylon bangle bracelets by Ketty Dalsgaard for Buch + Diechmann… Continue reading

Collection Week: Stone Rings

As I have mentioned before, I believe in the healing power of gemstones (my great-grandmother believed in it too and I inherited her copy of The Book of Talismans, published in 1922). It… Continue reading

Oscar Fashion: Turquoise Delight

This morning, I was thinking really hard about my favourite Oscar ensembles. And I realized that there was nothing truly memorable. It was a play-it-safe year for stylists. There were two looks that… Continue reading

Collection Week: Tortoiseshell Jewellery

Tortoise shell (made from the Hawksbill turtle) was popular in the olden days before plastic because it could be easily carved and shaped. It was used to make everything from hair combs to… Continue reading

Collection Week: Ivory

I have a large collection of ivory jewellery. Mostly pieces that I have found at thrift shops and antique stores. I am of mixed emotions when it comes to ivory — I would… Continue reading

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