Feelin’ Kinda Twenties

For some reason, I keep buying the same Art Deco Elgin Parisienne watch over and over again. The Parisienne line of watches was introduced in the mid-1920s and featured ultra deco designs by… Continue reading

Do Over: More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes you come across a piece of jewellery history — just a piece mind you, not the whole set. In this case I found one beautiful Mexican silver and coral cabochon screwback earring… Continue reading

Finn Followup

Remember that auction of Scandinavian Jewellery at Waddington’s I wrote about? It’s over and it brought some pretty big sales. I don’t want to brag (I do want to brag) but the amethyst… Continue reading

Speaking of Anna Wintour

Went to see The September Issue with Jessica on Friday. I couldn’t take my eyes off Anna Wintour’s stunning necklaces. Basically she wears three collet-set, graduated rivière necklaces throughout the movie – one… Continue reading

Incoming: Curious and Unusual Deaths

Last winter, I did on-set wardrobe for a TV show called Curious and Unusual Deaths. It was a fun shoot, I got to work with some cool folks and I got to be… Continue reading

Halloween Pt. VI: Skeleton Gloves

If you are an accessories designer and you want to give me a present, make me two pairs of supple black leather gloves — opera- and wrist-length — with fairly accurate representations of… Continue reading

Interview With A Stylist: Eric Del Monaco

During LG Toronto Fashion Week, I got to hang backstage with Eric Del Monaco, L’Oréal’s official hair artist and colourist. While we mostly talked about Spring 2010 trends (which I’ll post later), Del… Continue reading

Halloween Pt. V: Creepy Jewellery

The people of the 18th century were romantics. They didn’t go for beds strewn with rose petals or candelit dinners (probably because candle light was a necessity, not a kind of ambiance, back… Continue reading

Incoming: Metal Arts Guild 2067 – Crafting the Future

For their annual juried exhibition, the Metal Arts Guild of Canada has asked its members to look into their crystal balls and ponder what design will look like 60 years from now. The… Continue reading

It Came From Outer Space!

Yesterday I went a-thrifting in Leslieville with Jessica. We found too much goodness — a Liberty of London silk scarf, Victorian Pebble jewellery, a cute Uniqlo Kids winter coat — that we had… Continue reading

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