I Found An Art

I went to the 50 percent off sale at Value Village yesterday and found this amazing little sculpture of a seal reclining on his side. I love sculpture — especially figures of animals… Continue reading

Interview With A Designer: Antik Batik’s Gabriella Cortese

The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off yesterday, as did New York Fashion Week. It seems appropriate that I had a chance to Gabriella Cortese, the designer of the Paris-based label Antik Batik,… Continue reading

Up the Down Steelcase

Behold my new office chair! It’s a vintage Steelcase. Whilst researching it, I learned that this chair is a highly sought after piece in transitional décor and the Steelcase has heavily influenced the… Continue reading

Famous Beige Raincoats

Yesterday, the management team behind luxury label Jaeger acquired rivals Aquascutum, the venerable British brand. Jaeger hopes to turn Aquascutum in to a Burberry-style financial hit. Yet, in England, Aquascutum has more cachet… Continue reading

Oh My GP HF Gyro. Oh, Oh!

Look what I found in a box full of old Timexes yesterday — A 1970s-era Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF Gyromatic. For you non-watchy folks, this a big find. It’s what some would call a… Continue reading

All New Review: Dry Idea

If you want to stretch out a blowout or make your hair colour last a little longer, consider alternating your daily lather, rinse and repeat with a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo works by… Continue reading

Where to Get Stuff Fixed

Today I am so happy! I have found my Russians! They had simply moved. So I thought I’d give them a shout out by making a list of my favourite jewellery repair peeps.… Continue reading

Gary Ponzo You Light Up My Life

My friend Gary Ponzo is an amazingly talented artist and designer. In a just world, they would invent new land masses just so he could be fêted on 10 continents. He is also… Continue reading

Finds of the Month: Old School Cool Edition

August was the month that everybody on Facebook got Mad Men avatars. Me, I got some cool, American Made 1960s-vintage finds. I paid a total of $3 (plus taxes). Vera Neumann, née Saloff,… Continue reading

Aughties In Review: The It Bag Generation

Maybe I was hasty in proclaiming the 2000s the Shoe Decade, when we were all clearly preoccupied with status bags. It’s all we thought about!!! But again, what is the defining purse of… Continue reading

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