All Grown Up

As some of you may remember, last winter I resolved to pursue the “Hot Matron” style as my signature look. Using Tilda Swinton as my inspiration, I’ve been quietly amassing a closet full of classic British labels.

This past week, I hit the thrift shops in search of some camel-coloured clothes for my fall wardrobe. I picked up this cool, reversible Aquascutum club check coat and a Pringle of Scotland skirt. I also found a Burberry mac, but it looked like someone had thrown up on it. I’m not afraid of second-hand clothing, but the idea of washing out chav barf was too skeevy even for me.

One more hot thrift tip. When I was a kid, Toronto was an incredibly Anglophile place. Which might explain why its so easy to find labels like Burberry, Liberty of London, Aquascutum and Pringle of Scotland in second hand shops.