All New Review: Speaking of Shoes

It’s not new, but Band-Aid Anti-Blister Stick (aka Blister Block, aka Friction Block) is the best thing ever. I believe I’ve been recommending it to everybody I know for about two years now,… Continue reading

Give Me Liberty

Forget Harrods and down with Topshop: Liberty has my vote for the most iconic of British Department stores. I started collecting vintage Liberty scarves (I accquired the one pictured above last week) around… Continue reading

Interview With A Stylist: Charles Baker Strahan

Celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan was in town a few weeks ago for the launch of Herbal Essences’ new Tousle Me Softly collection of styling products. Strahan is an energetic and affable fellow… Continue reading

Hello Beautiful!

I am a new beauty and fashion blog. The best one ever, I hope. My manifesto is this: To write about or link to all things that are good. Maybe sometimes warn you… Continue reading

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