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Jewellery Galore!

Nice necklaces

Deco Do-Over

All hung up on an Art Deco pendant.

Celluloid and Wood Deco Necklace

Found! A fringed celluloid and wood art deco necklace.

Dainty 1920s Rose Quartz Bracelet

An art deco-era rose quartz bracelet

Auction Highlights

Finds from a jewellery auction.

Find of the Month: Yet Another Anna Wintour Necklace

My obsession with Anna Wintour’s necklaces continues.

Year View Mirror: Rings

All week long, I’ll be counting down my favourite finds by category. Today it’s rings. Most of the best ring finds — including Numbers 3 and 2, the garnet and emerald and ruby… Continue reading

Year View Mirror: Brooches

My favourite brooch finds of 2012.

Tangerine Dream

Pantone has named Tangerine Tango as it’s Colour of the Year for 2012. I celebrate this shade choice with a few citrussy faves that have passed through my collections. Schiaparelli Scarf Art Deco… Continue reading

Dainty Deco Rings

Here are the rings I won at the Waddington’s Auction. Sorry it took so long to share them. I’m trying to take better pictures of the jewels, but I need natural light to… Continue reading

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