Deco Do-Over

Art Deco Celluloid Pendant on silk cord

I’ve had this art deco era celluloid pendant for quite a while now. I’ve spent some time researching what kind of chain, cord or ribbon it may have originally hung from and decided that a silk cord was probably the most authentic. Probably one with some beads or something along the way for visual balance. Unfortunately, whenever I’ve gone to the bead district, I can never find anything that looks right. Then, last week when I went to the Value Village in search of a new pot for the jade plant I found on the sidewalk, I saw a bag of broken jewels that had a number of Chinese pendants that were hung from silken strips.

So I attached a jade green and ivory cord to the pendant (and used some left over thread to make a tassel). While I’m not sold on the tassel, I think the rest looks pretty awesome.