Auction Highlights

Went to the Waddington’s jewellery auction last week. I’m trying to keep the jewellery accquisitions down, but there were two items, buried in lots, that I’ve always wanted to get my hands on. And I was successful in my quest.

First up was the cherry amber necklace pictured above. This kind of necklace was the last one on my amber wishlist. Which is not to say that I wouldn’t pick one up if I found it at the Value Village priced for $6. I just won’t be actively seeking any more amber.

Deco Filigree Rhodium Hinged Bracelet

The other piece was this Edwardian/Deco rhodium and glass sapphire filigree hinged bracelet. These bangles are so delicate and pretty. Of course, the ultimate version would have real sapphires and by made of platinum, but this will do for now!

Because these pieces were part of lots, there were lots of other fun finds which I’ll probably put up on the ol’ Tumblr.