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People Who Like People Jewellery

Just a random sampling of figural jewellery that I’ve come across over the years. Above is a French Ivory (celluloid) pendant of a 1920s-era couple. Dig his dancing slippers! Below is an 18K… Continue reading

1920s Filagree Ring

The 1920s and ’30s weren’t all about the geometric lines of the Art Deco design. Light and lacey, this style was a continuations of Edwardian era styles and continued to be popular up… Continue reading

More is More

I believe that if you have two rings, you should try to see if they look good stacked together, whether “the man” says they are stacking rings or not. The hematite ring has… Continue reading

Who Is She?

My Louiseboulanger Elgin (pictured below) arrived yesterday! It is in much better shape than the ones I had before, though it’s still not working. It was part of a lot with many other… Continue reading

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