Egyptian Revival Art Deco Hair Brush

This Egyptian Revival hair brush is another find from the Hillcrest Community Yard Sale last Saturday. I’m not really into vanity items, mostly because don’t have enough room on my dresser to display hair brushes, mirrors and combs. I couldn’t resist this brush because it was $5 and I can’t resist anything vaguely Egyptian. Just as discovery of King Tutankhamun‘s tomb in 1922, had a huge impact on the decorative arts, the tour of Tut’s treasures in the 1970s had a huge impact on my young aesthetic.

Other than a few dents and some places where the green enamel has been scraped off, the brush is in good shape. The natural boar hair bristles are intact and not worn down. Flat, wide and round this is a perfect example of a paddle brush, which is recommended for brushing out long hair and/or creating straight, smooth styles. Which is maybe why it’s in such good shape — the hair styles of the ’20s were synonymous with short, waved hair.