Who Is She?

My Louiseboulanger Elgin (pictured below) arrived yesterday! It is in much better shape than the ones I had before, though it’s still not working. It was part of a lot with many other delights, including an old Tetley Tea Tin, a Siam Silver Enamel Ring and this proud but battered Waltham (which does tick).

But the piece that has most caught my fancy is the odd little clip pictured below. Fashioned from an American 1905 Indian Head Penny. The pretty lady’s high relief profile was actually created by pushing the metal out from the reverse side and then sculpting the features. There’s a name for this, but I can’t remember what it is. Most of this work was done by regular folk for their sweeties, but the level of craftsmanship (Did you see the detail? It’s on a penny!) ranks above amateur. I think I want to make it into a pendant or ring.