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Art Haul

A man named Dan gave me a bag full of art.

I Found An Art: Qumaluk Sculpture


My Parent’s Art

I was in Kitchener visiting the parents for Easter. As I have mentioned before, my folks instilled the collecting fever in me, taking me to antique and craft boutiques when I was a… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Another Loon

I went for a wander on New Year’s Day and found this lovely loon at the St. Lawrence Market for $5. The artist’s name is written in syllabics (the name should sound like… Continue reading

Year View Mirror: The Arts

This week, I’ll be counting down my favourite finds by category. Today it’s art. Number 3: I started 2011 with a bang, scoring this War Rug at the St. Lawrence Market on January… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Inuit Carved Soapstone Seal

Found for $20 at The St Lawrence Market. I actually saw him there a couple of weekends ago and went specifically to retrieve him and an art deco necklace that I didn’t have… Continue reading

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