Art Haul

floyd kuptana 1Last weekend I went to the Vintage Clothing Show and Sale at Wychwood Barns with my friend Becky. I decided to walk home because I need the excercise. En route, I spotted this sign:

img_5696Of course said poster did not have a date on it, but I decided to walk up the street and see if it was still on (or if the stuff that didn’t sell was left on the curb). As it turns out, the sale was the day before and the seller — a man named Dan — was in the midst of moving. There was still lots of stuff just laying on the porch. I spotted this Ashanti (or Ashanti-style) carving immediately.

earnestine ashanti style 2

I asked Dan how much her wanted for it. He said “just take it.” Then I spotted a pile of soapstone carvings piled up in the garden. “They are by an Inuit buddy of mine.” I asked if they were for sale. Again he said I could have them for free.

floyd kuptana 4

The sculptures are by a contemporary artist named Floyd Kuptana. A lot of his work deals with transformation, which is right up my alley. My sister in Etsy, Katya of Scandimania has some of drawings.

floyd kuptana 3

Because the artwork was in a jumble, I had to guess which bases belonged to which sculptures. There was also quite a bit of clean up and some minor repair work. I hope I did them justice.

floyd kuptana 2Now is a good time to share this print that I got at another contents sale in September. It by Holman artist Mary Okheena and its called “Cold Mist Howling Can’t Make Me Sleep.” Getting it framed is on my to do list this weekend.

Cold Mist Howling Can’t Make Me Sleep