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Generally we (myself included) don’t give enough thought to sustainability in our fashions and accessories. But we don’t have to go too far back in time for examples of resources that were exhausted… Continue reading

I Miss Jewel

Gone today


Shopping stops here?

Dragons Awake

Myth understood

Ivory and Ivory

I keep acquiring ivory even though I’m not trying to. In fact I just sold a bunch to a dealer at the St. Lawrence Market because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. These… Continue reading

Ulu Earrings

Let’s knife!


It has been so frickin’ cold for so long that I thought I might as well share some jewels from the Arctic. Here are two Inuit-carved rings: A walrus and two polar bears.

Ivory Rings

Jewellery repairs

Cat Week: Ivory Shrimp Ring

MAde in India “Shrimp” style ring

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