I Miss Jewel

e8859d4b-7953-42ca-bc72-b609a45c9876I’ve been thinking a lot about the language around value and what it means. It’s a very capitalist construct to think that value equals money and that things are more valuable because they cost a lot or that rich people have more value than poor people. Instead of thinking that rich people are better than poor people, we shoul try to find ways we’re all people have access to equal resources like education, food, water, healthcare, housing and education.)

558570e1-f2dd-4962-a903-a3e329039d36Since everybody seems to be Marie Kondoing these days, I thought I’d share some more purge stories. Here is some jewelry that I used to have. I either swapped them to trade up to something more valuable (and remember, valuable means that it something I wanted more, not just something that cost more.

Here are some of those things. These pictures are just a small representation of thins I sorta miss.

aa1bcb47-85d0-4d6b-a091-ba35f106d030I have also parted ways with certain things because I needed the cash. I’m a freelancer and sometimes my clients pay late. Sometimes they don’t pay at all. Sometimes there’s a dentist or vet bill that’s gotta get paid. Such is life.

844790eb-8e99-4f0b-8bb6-d0e2eee97a5eAnd some things I’ve passed on to loved ones, like this Hermès horse ring, which I gave to my equestrian niece when she turned 18. It meant more to me to give it to her than to hang on to it for myself.

51657a89-e99b-478f-ba29-09d77b20f67dA funny story: there are jewels that I keep coming across over and over again, so I think I can sell them in a pinch because I can easily find another. Like this David Andersen Viking ring. And then one day you can never find one again.