imageSome recent finds from the Salvation Army: A pair of black leather BDG clogs (pictured above) and a cool Cacherel cotton blouse — both perfect for my summer goth look.

(For those who are keeping track, I have a strict one in, two out policy to prevent myself from buying too much clothing. So I downsized my red, patent leather Danskos (I have so many red shoes at this point) and my Bass Wejun mules (I have so many miles at this point). I also found this heavy gold chain and crucifix pendant. I am uncomfortable with religious iconography so I’ll sell the cross, but the chain makes me feel badass, so I’ll keep it for a while.

And finally I found these four rings at the Value Village. Three are ivory, one is plastic. I can’t stop myself from picking up pre an ivory pieces when I find them. I completely agree hunting endangered animals  for ivory is very wrong. I used to feel like destroying these old pieces disrespected the animal that was killed for its tusks. But as Mr. Andrew has pointed out, even old ivory glamorized the material, which creates a supply and demand issue that in turn makes this jewellery rare and desirable at the same time. This whole mess raises the rewards for poachers. So, elephants are still being slaughtered.

imageI am, in short, a hypocrite.