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Countdown to Halloween: Men’s Corner

If an understated disguise is what you seek, look no further than Old Navy’s collection of costume t-shirts. While I am distressed that there is no tuxedo t-shirt, the faux three-piece suit almost… Continue reading

Mirror in the Bathroom: Green Suko Jeans from Addition-Elle

The good folks at Addition-Elle recently sent me a gift certificate for a pair of jeans. This was very fortuitous indeed because I’ve been pining for a pair of green jeans. And I… Continue reading

Mirror in the Bathroom: I Love Yellow Cardigans

My Fall 2012 new wardrobe pieces.

Mirror in the Bathroom: I Love Cardigans

Documenting my outfits, one blurry iPhone photo at a time.

Polka Dot Adore

I’ve gone dotty — for polka dots!

Escape to New York

Snapshots of my trip to New York City

Stars and Stripes

The lady in red

Mirror in the Bathroom: Shocking Pink

More blurry pictures of myself at work.

More Mirror in the Bathroom: Winter Ensemble

What I wore on my first day of work

Lagenlook: My Winter Wardrobe Part 2

Cataloging my fave Winter 2012 ensembles.

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