Mirror In The Bedroom: Elisa Nalin Inspiration

I’ve decided that stylist Elisa Nalin is my new muse. I love how she wears bright colours, mixes prints and embraces a vintage aesthetic. I also love how she wears her trousers low slung. I bought a pair of chambray slacks from Old Navy last summer trying to achieve a similar silhouette, but failed in my attempts to balance the bottoms with my existing wardrobe. Looking through all of the street style galleries featuring Nalin has given me some good ideas on how to get the balance right. So I hereby resolve to experiment with higher necklines as well. Here are my early attempts at nailing the Nalin look using =that which is already in my closet.

Left: Gap military jacket and Old Navy chambray pants. Kenar toque, Deena and Ozzy scarf and Roots Boots. Right: Press blouse, Old Navy chambray pants.