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Lord & Taylor Liberty Fabric Tromblay High Tops

Sale rack specials: Now is the best time to shop!

T-Shirt Week: Bones

Skeletons in my closet

Sketchtorialist: Cheetah Girl

Bringing back drawings of clothes

Mirror in the Hallway: Tan and Navy

Put her in neutral

Been Shopping

Dressing up for Spring

Mirror in the Hallway: In Between Days

Dressing for an unpredictable climate.

Mirror in the Bathroom: Dotty Denim

Here I am in the bathroom, posing in my new polka dot chambray dress from Old Navy. It was on sale for $19. I am also holding an apple and appearing quite nonchalant… Continue reading

Mirror in the Bathroom: Mix and Match

Here’s some recent acquisitions worn two ways. The top row shows my Simply Vera thrift shop find with a professional lady-type cashmere camel coat that I found last December at Shoney’s in Kensington… Continue reading

Year View Mirror: Fave Fashion Finds

This is a bit of a cheat. I have other great garment finds from 2012 that I have not included here because I don’t have good pictures. Plus that cardigan that I placed… Continue reading

Mirror in the Bathroom: Pattern Mixing

On Friday, I thought I had pulled off a particularly impressive feat of pattern mixing: Tiny dashes, heart-shaped polka dots and zebra stripes. then I went to do a show after work, and… Continue reading

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