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Collections Week: New Edwardian Arrivals

Recent early 20th Century jewellery finds.

Heart of Gold: Edwardian Fob Locket

Went out today for my first vintage hunt since the Fringe ended. I spent an hour perusing the back racks of jewellery at Gadabout, where I found this pretty heart shaped locket. It’s… Continue reading

Victorian 9ct Gold Front Locket and Memorial Pin

I haven’t been hunting on eBay much lately. Partially because the pickings are not as good – it’s more dealers and less regular joes selling. Which means that everything is more expensive. And… Continue reading

Edwardian Watch Fob Locket and Signet Ring

I had a show out in the East End last week and passed by two antique shops. In the first one, I found this somewhat shabby, but still pretty rolled gold watch fob… Continue reading

Do Over: Locket On A Ribbon

I have more pendants, medallions and lockets than I have chains to hang them from. Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw a girl wearing a charm bracelet as a choker. To… Continue reading

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