Collections Week: New Edwardian Arrivals

Edwardian Gold Filled Monogrammed Locket

Here’s three new (to me), shabby chic early 20th century pieces that arrived last week. First, this gold filled monogrammed locket was a find from the St. Lawrence Market. I bought it because it’s actually quite big for an old locket — about 35mm wide. It’s a little banged up and the latch doesn’t hold so well, but guess what’s inside?

Last Friday, Mr. Andrew and I went to a restaurant called The Combine Eatery on the Danforth. It had very good restaurant, excellent service and our server had a really good look going on. I was especially taken with the way she wore her necklace very low. Inspired by her style, I’ve hung it on an old long pocket watch chain for the time being.

Also from the St. Lawrence Market, a lovely unset shell cameo. I’m not an expert on dating cameos, but the profile and hairstyle suggest Edwardian to me (later on in the 20th century carvers seemed to favour upturned noses and looser hair).

From eBay, I got this 9ct late Victorian or Edwardian opal and paste band. It was missing a stone but luckily I was able to reset an old mine cut paste in opening. The band is also cut in the back, but I think I should be able to get it fixed. If not, I can wear it as is.