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Animal Kingdom

Spooky Snakes

I’ve been planning a meaningful and well-thought-out post about my collection of serpentine jewellery, but it really just boils down to this. I see something with a snake on it, I buy it.… Continue reading

Twelfth Day of Christmas

12 Snakey Jewelries.

My Spooky Wook: Now With More Snake

Just so you know, I traded in the rings that I found at the CAFTCAD sale for this cool, diamond-eyed snake ring. I couldn’t fight the overpowering snake theme of this week. Even… Continue reading

My Spooky Wook: Snakes

I have a bit of a collection of snake-themed jewellery. Enough that I have a whole jewellery box dedicated to all things serpentine. Pictured above are the two oldest pieces in my snake… Continue reading

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