Spooky Snakes

etsy horn snake 1I’ve been planning a meaningful and well-thought-out post about my collection of serpentine jewellery, but it really just boils down to this. I see something with a snake on it, I buy it.

The carved horn bracelet is my most recent thrifty snakey find. Horn, of course, shrinks if you don’t store it properly, so it was more than a little tight and I broke off the tip of the tail in my haste to force it on. (I have since stretched it out so that its wearable).

blog-snakeIt’s not just me buying snakes: My sister gave me this mesh, wrap around serpent bracelet. It goes well with these Whiting & Davis style belts that I like to wear as necklaces.

All this snake stuff reminded me that I never posted about this Niki de Saint Phalle factice that I bought from Fritsch’s Fragrances this summer.

niki de saint phalle