Famous Beige Raincoats

Aquascutum Fall 2009

Yesterday, the management team behind luxury label Jaeger acquired rivals Aquascutum, the venerable British brand.

Jaeger hopes to turn Aquascutum in to a Burberry-style financial hit. Yet, in England, Aquascutum has more cachet (Burberry is seen as too Chavvy). I have one of each, and while I think I look better in my Burberry Hazelmere Trench, I must admit I get stopped on the street and complimented on the Aquascutum topper.

Here’s a thrift tip: Both brands cost a packet new. But its easier to pick up an inexpensive vintage Aquascutum (or Mackintosh, Jaeger or Barbour) raincoat because the brand lacks recognition here.

Although I did see a blue men’s Burberry at the Value Village for $14 last Saturday.