It Came From Outer Space!


Yesterday I went a-thrifting in Leslieville with Jessica. We found too much goodness — a Liberty of London silk scarf, Victorian Pebble jewellery, a cute Uniqlo Kids winter coat — that we had to put stuff back.

My favourite find so far is the crazy ring pictured above. I came home and spent many hours researching it and I have come to two conclusions: 1. The stone is a tektite — a natural glass rock formed during the impact of large meteorites on the Earth’s surface.

From Wikipedia:

The terrestrial-impact theory states that a meteorite impact melts material from the Earth’s surface and catapults it up to several hundred kilometers away from the impact site, which means that it must have travelled through space (thus explaining the dryness). The molten material cools and solidifies to glass.

Tektites are kinda rare in that they are only found in four “strewnfields.” which brings me to my second conclusion: 2. An avid meteorite collector found this specimen and was so excited that he went to his local jewellers and had it mounted in gold wth two accent diamonds to present to his sweetie. She said “Oh… Great… it’s so beautiful that I’m never going to wear it ever.” (There is absolutely no wear on this ring — if it was a girl avid meteor collector, you can bet it would’ve been paraded out at every scientific symposium and meteorite gala imaginable).

I am wearing it proudly today.