Interview With A Stylist: Eric Del Monaco

Hair by Eric Del Monaco, LG Toronto Fashion Week Beauty By L’Oréal

During LG Toronto Fashion Week, I got to hang backstage with Eric Del Monaco, L’Oréal’s official hair artist and colourist. While we mostly talked about Spring 2010 trends (which I’ll post later), Del Monaco did share some great tips for getting the most out of your styling routine.

On blowdrying: “The heat of the blowdryer has to follow the hair all the way to the tips, or you’ll end up with frizzy ends. With a brush, take small sections of hair make sure the heat moves right through the hole strand.”

On shampooing: “Always wet hair before shampooing. When you squeeze out your shampoo, rub in your hands. The heat from your hands will emulsify the product, making application smoother (this works for styling products too).”

On treatments: ”Regardless of current hair trends, healthy-looking hair is most important. You should use a conditioning treatment once a week. And use products specific to your hair type – [such as] conditionersfor colour-treated hair or fine hair that needs volume.”

On finishing touches: “When we were researching [Fashion Week Opening Night Gala] 100 Years of Beauty by L’Oreal Paris, everything after the 1960s went all relaxed. People lost the art of the art of celebration. But I think we’re going back. One of the shows we did the girls wore little hats and fascinators. For the last look we did at the gala (pictured above), I put in flowers. It just adds a little glamour.”

Photo courtesy l’Oréal.