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Yard Sale season is the in full swing. We had one on Saturday. It was very quiet day but we still made a bit of a dent in the clutter. Afterward, I took… Continue reading

Interview With A Model: Ashley Graham for Addition Elle

Talking about lingerie with model Ashley Graham.

Interview With A Beauty Scientist Pt. II: Teca Gillespie

I’ve written enough about hair care to know what you’re supposed to do to keep your hair all hale and healthy. But what if you had a, um, friend who was going through… Continue reading

Interview With A Beauty Scientist: Dr. Rolanda Johnson

The folks at Olay were kind enough to send along some samples of the newest products from Regenerist and Pro-X. 10 years ago, I could not have imagined products like these. They feature… Continue reading

Interview With A Beauty Advisor: Carolyn Black

Beauty advisors are our friends. They save us money by steering us away from impulse buys that we will use once and then leave in the medicine cabinet for five years. They point… Continue reading

Interview With A Stylist: Eric Del Monaco

During LG Toronto Fashion Week, I got to hang backstage with Eric Del Monaco, L’Oréal’s official hair artist and colourist. While we mostly talked about Spring 2010 trends (which I’ll post later), Del… Continue reading

Interview with a Photographer: Sarah Moon

Here’s an interview I did with British-born, French photographer Sarah Moon about ten years ago. Moon visited Toronto in spring 1999 to introduce a retrospective entitled Inventaire 1985-1999 at the Jane Corkin Gallery.… Continue reading

Interview With A Blogger: Stefania Yarhi

I’ve tried to devise my own Proust Questionnaire and I’ve asked the lovely and talented Stefania Yarhi — the photographer/writer behind the blog to be my first victim. Who are you and… Continue reading

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