Halloween Pt. V: Creepy Jewellery

Georgian Jet and Hair Brooch

The people of the 18th century were romantics. They didn’t go for beds strewn with rose petals or candelit dinners (probably because candle light was a necessity, not a kind of ambiance, back then). No, they liked to keep their loved ones close with a lock their hair encased in a piece of jewellery (see above).

It wasn’t such a macabre choice at first — young ladies gave there sweeties a lock of their hair as a love token. But during the U.S. Civil War and after the death of Prince Albert in England strict codes of mourning came into vogue and hair jewellery was one of the few ornaments one could wear after the death of a loved one. Soon they were making jewellery from human hair and whole industries grew up around hairwork.

Here are some scary, hairy pieces that I have owned.


Late Victorian Memorial Locket Bracelet.


Civil War Era Hair Bracelet.