A Magical Jewelry Story

I have been going through some of my favourite jewels because I need to raise some cash to pay for my broken tooth. I was fixing up the locket above (the stone had fallen out and I reset it with a piece of coral I had taken from a Victorian-era earring) to sell on eBay.

I had always thought that there was only one picture in the locket, the one of the fair-haired lady on the left. In order to reset the stone, I carefully removed the picture and discovered a lock of blond or grey hair behind the picture. And when I took out the hair, I discovered a second photo of a dark-haired woman.

I reset the second photo into the other half of the locket. I showed it to Cassandra this morning and wondered aloud what their relationship was. “Clearly they’re secret lovers,” said Cassandra.

P.S. If you click on the photos, you’ll see larger images.