Brutalist Vendome 17J Watch

I got this watch in same fantastic eBay box lot as the Rafael necklace. Most of the costume jewellry companies ventured into the fashion watch business at some time or another, but in my opinion, only two produced timepieces that still seem relevant now: Marcel Boucher and Vendôme.

Vendôme was a division of Coro, and was in business from 1944 to 1979. I’ve had a few Vendôme watches over the years, and they always featured very bold design that somehow doesn’t look too dated today. In fact, I have worn this watch out three times now and have gotten complemented on it each time. The other reason these watches hold up is because they used decent works. My new watch features a French made Lorsa movement that is keeping good time. And I don’t think it’s ever been serviced.