Celebrity Lost And Found

My parents are moving (to a place with a pool!!!) and I’ve been helping them pack up. I found this old issue of Images (summer 2008) whilst clearing out the closets. It was our most celebrity packed issue ever — here’s a little behind-the scenes info on interviewing the stars (and click on the images for larger images):

Sandra Oh seven years before Grey’s Anatomy. We never met in person, but Ms. Oh couldn’t have been sweeter and even helped organize the photo shoot in L.A. (we were a low-budget magazine that always aimed high).

Ray of Light-era Madonna. As I recall, despite her then newfound obsessions with yoga and kabbalah, Ms. Madonna was quite pissy and got into a spat with Québecoise TV presenter Julie Snyder. Still, I was in the same room as Madonna!

Chloé-era Stella McCartney. Ms. McCartney was quite lovely, if not a little guarded. She said I reminded her of a bear, in a good way. I told her that I liked her shoes (the Nike Footscapes in the picture). She said, good luck finding a pair, they were for the Asian Market only. Little did she know that I was going to Singapore in a few months. They became my favourite shoes ever.