Best Things In Life: Amber Necklace

Because I am broke, I actually did try to sell this necklace to an antique dealer. I kept it because didn’t offer me as much as I wanted, but as we discussed how I came to have it (it came in a lot of broken jewellery that I bought on eBay), she urged me to hold on to it.

I think the actual conversation went something like this:
“How much would you give me for this necklace?”
“I was hoping to get at least $300.”
“Some of the beads may be reconstituted*, which lowers the value. Plus I have to make a profit. How much did you pay for it?”
“Four hundred would be about what I would sell it for…”
“Not four hundred, four dollars.”
“I can guarantee you that you’ll never find anything like this for four dollars again.”

*When I had the necklace restrung, the jeweller told me they were all real, and old. I will have to take them to a gemologist to get an absolute verdict.