Best Things In Life: Rose Gold Greek Key Earrings

I was in K-W, helping my parents move. We went to the Value Village to drop off some fabric scraps and linens. Of course, I asked if I could go in and take a look around. My dad said okay, but only for a minute. He hates the Value Village because its gone all hipster. He believes that you should only have to pay two bucks — tops — for anything and they were asking $25 for a hunting knife.

Now you know where I get my cheapness from.

I had to act fast. My dad sent my mother in to make sure I didn’t exceed my time limit. And yes, the prices seemed crazy. $9.99 for a tiny silver charm? Outrageous! But I spotted these earrings for $1.99. They looked substantial and on closer inspection I could see they were marked, so I said what the heck. Then I borrowed money from my mom to pay for them.

I could see numbers on the backs of the earrings, but I couldn’t quite make them out. I assumed it was gold plated silver or something. But back at the parents’, I realized that it was 585 (aka 14kt) rose gold and the maker’s mark Ω. They weigh in at a healthy 7 grams, which at today’s gold price is worth about $243.06. Little dollar signs were going off in my eyeballs. But I tried them on and my mother said: “Those earrings didn’t look like much at the when you showed them to me, but they look exceptional when you wear them. I would sell all your other earrings before I sold those.”

The lesson is, that while Value Village has jacked up its prices and gotten better at sorting out the sterling silver from the costume jewellery, good deals still fall through the cracks. And finding those deals is my crack.