Find of the Month: Eveta Puku Finland Dress

When you think Finnish fashion, you probably think Marimekko, which got its start when a young couple started a textile concern, and hired local artists to create prints for their fabrics. To show off the the prints, they also created some loose, minimalistic clothing. The philosophy was making fashions that were “new, unique, long-lasting and beautiful”

The dress pictured above is not Marimekko. Its label reads Eveta Puku Valeakoski Made In Finland. But it shares much of the attitude of Marimekko and Finnish design in the ’60s in general: a bold print and a clean, timeless design. It will also look fantastic with this necklace…

This find was a little pricier than most: $10 at the Value Village. I can’t wait until summer so I can wear it everyday!