I Learn Something New Everyday

Part of the fun of finding cool vintage stuff is researching it. On Friday, I picked up this pretty panel bracelet, stamped with a Japanese-style scene of cranes in front of Mt. Fuji. The hanging pendant is stamped “Made in Germany.” It’s made of a goldtone material that’s super light. Like aluminum.

So I Googled “Germany Bracelet Aluminum” and came up with a cool link about Eloxal jewelry. Eloxal (electrolytic oxidation of aluminum) is an aluminum alloy. It has a non-corrosive finish so pieces such as these look minty fresh, even though it was probably made in the 1950s. Because the metal is malleable and easily enemelled, the examples I found on the internet had some very cool designs.

If you were keen to start collecting one type of vintage costume jewellery, Eloxal could be the way to go. You can still pick these pieces up for a song because folks mistake the lightweight feeling for cheapness and because the finish is so shiny that it doesn’t seem old.