All New Review: Secret Clinical Strength Sport

Those who know me can attest that I am a very glowy girl. And by glowy, I mean perspirey. And by perspirey, I mean sweaty.

So I was super excited when Secret sent me their new Secret Clinical Strength Sport Marathon Fresh scent to test drive.
I wore it all day, which included a brisk, one hour walk and a brisk one hour nap. The verdict: It certainly kept wetness at bay better than other antiperspirants that I have used — even though I am not particularly sportivo. While I prefer unscented antiperspirants, the citrussy Marathon Fresh aroma was unobtrusive.

If you are a dainty lady, you may want to skip this next bit. Please forgive my forthrightness —it did not leave my pits feeling gunky or itchy. I would definitely use this antiperspirant on a regular basis.