… And Then There’s Mod

Remember when I when antiquing with my friend Jane in Hamilton a month ago? That time I found the Rolex? Well Jane got a little sterling 3-D charm of Finnish architect Viljo Revell‘s Toronto City Hall which she was going to wear as a pendant. At the time I was all like, “Man, what an awesome idea!” and then spent the next couple of weeks scouring the interwebs looking for a similar charm.

Long story short, look what I got on Monday. At first I thought it was an abstract astrological symbol. Then I thought it was a kooky viking helmet. But then I showed it the Andrew and he was like, “It’s Toronto City Hall.”

I like it because its a modernist depiction of a modernist building, which is kind of meta-abstract. I also like the idea of architecture jewellery. I am still looking for a 3-D representation of Toronto City Hall for my next project: the Monsters of Modernism Charm Bracelet. My mom has a charm of Mies van der Rohe‘s TD Centre that I’ll try and sweet talk from her.