Smokey Gets In My Eyes

I’ve been a busy bee of late. I’m way behind on cataloging my vintage jewels. Heck, I’m way behind on my vintage jewel hunting. Not finding fantastic new bijoux every week has, however, helped me appreciate older finds even more.

For example, here’s a baublicious cocktail ring that I got in Buffalo last August. Its a big Smokey Quartz buff cut (the top is cut en cabochon and the pavilion is facetted). It sits in a gold washed basket setting marked “Silver.” And it cost $5.

I think it’s a smokey quartz. It could be glass. Although quartz is one of those semi-precious stones that costs about as much as glass. What matters is that I love to wear it, and have been sporting it on a near daily basis since the summer. I know I’ll soon have to put it away soon for the winter because big rings just don’t fit under gloves.